UEFI Secure Boot and the X102

My X102BA shipped with Windows 8. It therefore has UEFI Secure Boot enabled by default.

Most (although not all) devices with UEFI Secure Boot can be easily booted in to other operating systems, and this one is no exception.

To boot from a USB storage device, power on the X102 and tap f9 as the BIOS splash screen shows. This will show a Windows logo, but don’t worry. If you wait a moment, a menu of recovery options will appear – which will allow you to either access the BIOS setup, or opt to boot from a USB device.

To disable secure boot in the BIOS, use the “Secure Boot menu” at the bottom of the “Security” tab (it scrolls!) and pick “disabled”.

If you want to boot in legacy BIOS mode instead of UEFI, select “launch CSM” in the “Boot” tab. CSM stands for “Compatibility Support Module” and is marketing language for “old fashioned BIOS support”. Once this is done you can select your desired boot device.

Once Secure Boot is disabled, you can tap F9 or ESC during the BIOS splash screen on future boot-ups to select a boot device or access the BIOS.


5 thoughts on “UEFI Secure Boot and the X102

      • I did manage in the end I had problems getting the laptop to boot from a flash drive. I installed Ubuntu 13.10. It had trouble with the graphics driver at first and so went into fallback mode. However that just required me getting the latest amd graphics drivers.

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