X102BA annoyances

The things which irritate me about the X102BA, in roughly descending order of irritation

  • No hard disk light.

Can’t always tell if the UI is lagging because a touchpad click wasn’t recognised, or because we’re waiting for the disk. An upgrade to SSD (which I will probably do) would eliminate this.

  •  No CAPS LOCK light.

Not every login screen and app is good at warning you that you’ve typed a password in capitals.

  • FGLRX brightness / ACPI for shutdown (if not solved yet)

On Linux – the fglrx (closed-source binary) driver doesn’t support brightness adjustment on this hardware yet, so the screen is stuck at max brightness.

ACPI doesn’t seem quite right – it can read the battery level and temperatures etc, but can’t power-off the system on halt.

  • Slightly peculiar keyboard layout

The arrangement of “shift” and “function” around the cursor keys is not quite right.


  • Keyboard feels a little bit cheap and nasty.



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