Gave up

As noted in comments on earlier posts, I gave up with my X102 and returned it to the shop.


In the main I was frustrated by the poor display driver support and issues with power/brightness control.


I replaced it with a Toshiba NB10, which I’ve had much more success with. I started a similar site to record my progress with it at

I’ll leave this site up, and I’m happy to accept any posts anyone wants to contribute or links to other sites with information about the X102.

Thank you to all who commented.


13 thoughts on “Gave up

  1. Just so everyone knows, it looks like the graphics bugs have been worked out in LMDE. I assume that means Debian testing will probably also work now. I can even adjust the brightness right out of the box on a fresh install!

    Sorry to see that you returned your 102, mental. It was a bit of a hassle, but it looks like it’s been getting fixed.

    • Will try and reply. I now own an X200, X102BA and F102BA. I plan on running Debian Linux on both the X200 and X102BA, with the F102BA running its native Windows 8 upgraded to 8.1. All three of them should be on SSD’s as well.

    • I tried latest Debian 8.0 weekly build (April 21st) and backlight worked with open source driver but no luck with AMD proprietary one, which is needed for hardware acceleration to work. Also, sound did not work for Debian 8.0 but worked for Xubuntu 14.04… I read mentalnirex had it work with both wheezy and jessie.

  2. Hi jj201,

    Thanks for the post. I don’t regret the X102 experience, but I am happier with my NB10. It’s really good news that you have everything working now.

    If you felt able to write up a few notes about what you did to get it going to help other people, I’d gladly host them for you here or publish a link to them…


    • Hello there,

      I know some time passed from when you last tried with this netbook.
      I am happy with it since about a year and I managed to get everything working with almost any linux distribution!

      If you would like I can try to continue posting here to add tutorials about things you have not covered yet or you had not set up to work correctly at that time.

      Just drop a message here and tell me how can we get in touch privately!

      See you soon!


      • bboydanny,

        Thank you for the comment.

        If you give me an email address I will create a WordPress account for you on this blog, allowing you to make posts.

        Alternatively, if you’d rather post elsewhere, I’ll add a link to wherever you want to post.


  3. I got a Samsung Chromebook XE303 around the same time as I got my Asus X102BA (2 GB/320 GB model). Five minutes out of the box, my Chromebook was working optimally, and still is. It rivals my 8 GB AMD A10 laptop for most tasks. In contrast, it took me two or three days of software updates, installs, and optimizations before the X102BA running Windows 8 was in any kind of operational state, and it’s slow, slow, slow. Any company executive that approves putting a 2 GB Windows machine on the market should be fired. Seriously. I’ll probably try putting Linux on it and see how it runs. I highly recommend a Chromebook over an X102BA.

    • I’ve installed Linux Mint (Cinnamon) 17 on the X102BA and it’s performing much better than it did under Windows 8.1. Everything seems to work, so it seems that Linux has breathed unexpected life into this machine.

  4. I do have two units (4GB RAM versions) which are hard to find (except in UK) and both are running Debian 8.0 Jessie pretty well. I swapped the mechanical HDD for SSDs as well.

    Both are daily drivers and one is used solely for work purposes and it gets the job done.

  5. Hi – I could use help if you dont mind a linux newb question. I have the 4gb model and am frustrated with how slow Win 8.1 is. I’d really like to install Mint xfce but am struggling on steps to get the BIOS to boot from usb. Has anyone tried Mint xfce on one of these? Thanks for your consideration!

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